Lost and Found

(updated weekly)

All items not claimed at the end of the semester are donated, go into the trash, or are available to anyone wishing to give them a good home.  Please check this list for any of your belongings.

Please check the coat racks (downstairs, study hall, and gym) for articles of clothing.  Unclaimed items are hung back on the racks in case they belong to someone outside the EMMA family.

11/11 Lost and Found update

black and white snowboarding parka
gray "Beautees" sweatshirt, L
black Nike L/S shirt, S
gray/pink Old Navy fleece, XS
black Russell jacket
ecru American Eagle sweatshirt
black Faded Glory fleece, M
hot pink Land's End jacket, L
hot pink/light pink lining windbreaker, M
neon pink sweatshirt, S
Ashton's teal pencil case
gray camo pencil pouch
neon green pencil pouch
blue binder--5th Science black line masters
glue bottle
short blue water bottle
hot pink lunch tote
black lunch tote
black lunch cooler
brown stuffed pony
"Night Shift Before Christmas" book
various plastic food containers

10/7 Lost and Found:

Hello Kitty lunch box
pink print hair scrunchie
World Studies text
5th grade Science binder

plus many other items from previous Fridays. :)


Ryan B's map/project
gray with tulle trim girl's zip hoodie sweatshirt (from gym)
neon pink "Cali" girl's zip hoodie sweatshirt (from gym)
black Nike L/S shirt (from gym)
black "Embark" lunch box
black camo pencil case
pumpkin hat art project
black "Carolina Time" lunch box
blue water bottle

A Heath Algebra box and cassette tapes were left outside at the downstairs entrance. Although we do appreciate you sharing freebies with the EMMA families, we do not have space to store unclaimed items. If you bring items to give away, please be sure to pick up anything that wasn't taken at the end of the day.


Hello Kitty pink lunch box
Arctic Zone purple lunch box
Star Wars lunch box
Five Star black w/green zippers pencil case
insulated "polar bottle" water bottle

Please be sure to label your lunch boxes with your child's name.

The Lost and Found box will be under the downstairs table on Fridays.

Just because it's not on the list, doesn't mean it's not on the EMMA campus.  If you've lost something, you may want to look in all the buildings and on all the coat racks just to be sure.